Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Wonder I Look Great in a Beret

I just took an online quiz, and this was the result, copied and pasted below...

"Larry completed the quiz "What is your Euro-persona?" with the result French. You have an artistic, emotional personality and you prefer peaceful protest to violence. You are a natural romantic at heart, though you can have a highly critical personality at times. You like your humor sharp and cynical. Slice off a hunk of cheese with your whine, because you most closely resemble the people of France."


I have never been so accurately analyzed in such few words... and such well-chosen words, because whine and wine are interchangeable when it comes to me.

And what is scarier is that this accurate analysis of me was done from my having answered just 20 multiple-choice questions. I thought these quizzes were bullshit, but now I'm not so sure.

Funny, when I took the quiz, I thought I'd be found to be Italian or Spanish, but French is close enough. The three countries are Latin, so ce n'est pas une grande difference.

Francais, moi? C'est bon.

1 comment:

  1. These quizzes are a hoot...

    One bit that irks me is 'you prefer peaceful protest to violence'. Any suburban householder in Paris or anyone old enough to remember 1968 knows that's not true.

    It also irks me that for a thousand years the country the scourge of Europe - a country that made Napoleon its emperor - capitulated in one war (WWII) because of the enormous damage caused in the previous war (uh, WWI - when 25% of the military age male population was killed and a further 25% were horribly maimed) and now they get to be called 'cheese-eating surrender monkeys' until the end of time. I mean, these people nuked the South Pacific! Just because it was there!!