Monday, May 25, 2009

"Memorial" Day

Today was Memorial Day, and it was a long day. First I went to a barbeque in Sherman Oaks, then I went to another barbeque in Los Feliz, then I went to a dinner in Koreatown.

Not once, at all these social events, were the fallen men and women of our armed forces ever mentioned. No one mentioned the troops, no one mentioned anything armed forces-related, including me.

There was nothing "memorializing" about this day, at least not from what I saw and did.

I'm not being judgmental, I'm just making an observation. I had a really fun day, but it dawned on me when I got home: "Hey wait, WHAT was today about?"

I wondered if anyone I hung out with today knew that today was about our troops, and not about having the day off and eating barbeque.

I knew, but I also forgot.

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  1. yeah, my 3 yr. old brought in an item for "Show and Tell" at school today that we got while we were away over the Memorial Day weekend. Her teacher asked "Did you get this over the holiday weekend?" and Noli shook her head -- I realized that she didn't know it was a holiday. We had never mentioned it to her. Which is more messed up when you consider that we were away visiting my grandmother who is a war widow.