Friday, May 29, 2009

"Hispanic Chick Lady" and Other Offensive Comments

Sonia Sotomayor is President Obama's first Supreme Court pick.

It is my hope that she will be his first pick of many (because it is my hope that Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts and Samuel Alito will all retire within the next four years. Please please pleeeeeeeease...)

"Sonia Sotomayor". Do you find that Spanish name difficult to pronounce? That's okay, because you could always call her, "Hispanic Chick Lady". After all, this is what Obama calls her, according to Glenn Beck. He reduced Obama's choice of a new justice to this: "Hey! Hispanic Chick Lady! You're empathetic. You're in!"

She has worked as a district attorney, a corporate attorney, a district court judge on the federal bench, and as an appellate court judge, but according to Glenn Douchebag, she got picked because she's an empathetic Hispanic chick lady.

Pat Buchanan made basically the same assertion, albeit not with such douchebag language as Glenn Beck. Pat called her "an affirmative action pick", and compared her to Harriet Miers.

Remember Harriet Miers? Wasn't she George W. Bush's secretary or something? a person who had never studied Law? a person so unqualified for the job that her nomination had to be withdrawn? someone who was chosen just because she admired her boss and supported him adoringly?

Judge Sotomayor has 17 years of experience on the bench, but she's another Harriet Miers. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton and Yale, but she's another Harriet Miers. She ran the Yale Law Review, but she's another Harriet Miers. She has as much, or more, judicial experience as anyone ever nominated to the top court, yet because she is a woman of Latin American heritage, she's another Harriet Miers... or another Anita in West Side Story.

"I want to be in Amer-i-ca, I go to Yale in Amer-i-ca, I be a judge in Amer-i-ca, on Supreme Court in Amer-EEE-ca..."

If that weren't insulting enough, on top of being a personal favortism choice, a la Madame Miers, she is also "an affirmative action pick".

Pat Buchanan is not the only Conservative saying this about her. Rush Limbaugh, Fred Barnes, Bill Bennett... all of them said she was an affirmative action pick, with Bennett going so far as to say that she got into Princeton by affirmative action.

Do you want to know who really DID get into a prestigious Ivy League University via affirmative action? George W. Bush.

That slacker George Dubya only got into Yale because he was a legacy. "What's 'a legacy'?" you may ask. Well, a legacy is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR RICH WHITE DUDES.

Then, in addition to belittling her achievements by calling her an affirmative action pick, they also doubt her intelligence!

Let's hear again from Mr. Douchebag extraordinaire, Glenn Beck: "She's not that intellectually bright, she's almost a bully; she just likes to hear herself talk."

Karl Rove didn't say she was not intellectually bright, but he did say that she was not "intellectually strong" and doubted that she had the "broad, intellectual powers" to be an influential Supreme Court justice.

I wish Karl Rove had cared so much about a strong, broad intellect when he shoved the mediocre-minded Texas governor George W. Bush down the country's throat.

I'm starting to wonder if people like Limbaugh, Beck, Bennett, Barnes, Rove, et al, are paid Democratic operatives. Here's why...

Republicans these days are looking with worry at the statistics. They are way down in the polls with Latinos, Blacks, Women and Youngsters. But it is the Latino numbers that should really have them crapping in their pants, because Latinos are the fastest-growing minority group in the USA. It is my belief that by the end of this century, they may be the majority. Unless Republicans can improve their numbers with Latinos, they are "jodido". Do you know what that means in Spanish? Go look it up: "Jodido". I'll give you a hint: in English, it starts with an F.

The GOP desperately needs to improve its image with Latinos. So what do these geniuses do? When the first Latino Supreme Court nominee makes history by BEING the first, they say she's an affirmative action pick BECAUSE she's Latino. She was picked just because she's Puerto Rican... or from whatever of those countries to the south.

Her qualifications? Screw those. She studied her ass off at Yale, graduating as the top undergrad in the entire university? So what. Harvard, too? So what. Phi Beta Kappa? Taco Burrito Enchilada. Ran the Yale law review? "No importa para nada".

What these old elephants are saying is, no matter how hard you study, no matter how you excel, no matter what your impressive accomplishments are, no matter what hurdles you jump over... poor immigrant family, father dead in childhood, raised by a single mother, raised in a housing project in the Bronx... yet you become the top student at the Ivy Leagues, then later a nationally renowned, esteemed appellate judge...

None of that matters, because you are a Latino. A Hispanic. THAT's why you got picked.

Arrrriba! Ole! Ay caramba!

No matter WHAT you achieve, if you get picked for something really important and prestigious, it is because of your ethnicity, NOT your accomplishments.

Wow. This is quite a way to win Hispanics over to the Republican party, amigos. You guys are muy inteligentes. As a person of Cuban heritage, you are reeeeeally tempting me to become a Republican. Muy muy mucho.


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